LED Lighting

Reduce your lighting bills !!!

LED lighting has become the ultimate lighting solution giving increased performance and energy saving.

The high output LEDS enables instant light output, no reduction due to temperature, zero mercury and 100% dimming are all added advantages.


LED vastly reduces maintenance with lamp life usually in excess of 50,000, LED panels produce up to 135 lm/w. Panels are replaceable meaning luminaires do not have to be changed, lowering maintenance cost. Various colour temperatures can be supplied 3000k, 4000k or 5000k as standard. Flicker free installation is guaranteed improving user comfort.

For your household –

Replace 50w halogen to 6w LED saving £4 per year or £70 by the time you have to replace the bulb.

For your business –

Replace 600 x 600 t5 modular recessed halogen fittings with 36w LED flat panels.

Monthly running cost £134.00

Monthly running cost £77.00